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Welcome to San Lorenzo and to the Centro El Tucan in Achiote
Visit us: Welcome to San Lorenzo and to the Centro El Tucan in Achiote

Welcome to San LorenzoOn the west bank of the Canal on the Atlantic side, CEASPA is working with everyone and anyone interested in protection of the San Lorenzo National Park, an area of some 9653 hectares of tropical forest, wetlands, rivers and coastline, and especially for sustainable development with all the rural communities in the buffer zone.

Our actions are based at the Community Learning and Visitors Center “El Tucán” in Achiote, that we built in 2003.

Welcome to San LorenzoWe are working for the conversion to civilian use of the former military base of Fort Sherman in the ex Canal Zone, so that local communities may benefit and participate in conservation and development of the area. This is the dream and the promise of sustainable development.


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